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About our Sustainability Program

We believe that our contribution to society as a financial institution is key for the development of our country. We assume the commitment to create economic, social and environmental values in the short, medium and long term, are for the benefit of our community and that of each of our stakeholders.

Our goal is to be the most sustainable bank at a federal level. In order to achieve this, we developed a strategy that frames our actions under five pillars and that responds to the interests of our key audiences: employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, government, media and local community.

Financial Inclusion and Education

We promote a healthy financial system. That is why we generate products and tools to train critical, reflective, and economically responsible banking citizens that contribute to the country's economic growth.

Our commitment:
  • Promote banking and accessibility through our extensive network of branches, annexes and ATMs.
  • Focus on lower income sectors to adapt our commercial offerings.
  • Create innovative products and services in order to include different customer profiles.
  • Develop and deepen a financial education program open to the community and overall public.
Development of SMEs and Entrepreneurship

We accompany small businesses and new ventures in the development of their businesses with customized products & services as well as  training & tools for their growth.

Our commitment:
  • Create products and services tailored to SMEs.
  • Support your growth with training and advice.
  • Listen to customers with an excellent service system.
Responsibility for the welfare and inclusion of people

We are generators of employment at the federal level, we accompany the professional development of our collaborators, we favor diversity and inclusion in the work environment.

The donations are divided in categories and themes:
  • Promote the generation of local employment to be a driver of the development of regional economies.
  • Empower talent based on a strategy of retention and internal professional development.
  • Incorporate benefits for our employees and their families.
Direct and indirect environmental impact

We promote the care of our social surroundings and the environment, both internally and in our value chain.

Our Commitment
  • Use natural resources efficiently.
  • Raise awareness among our employees and customers, for a better impact on our society.
  • Measure our institutional carbon footprint.
  • Responsibly manage technological waste, plastic and paper.
  • Develop an energy saving program.
  • Deepen the analysis of environmental and social risks when granting loans.
Transparency in all of our actions.

We operate with maximum transparency in order to create a framework of trust and credibility for all our stakeholders. We practice active listening and continuous accountability.

Our Commitment
  • Keep all accounts transparent and in detail for our public. 
  • Have communication channels adapted to each profile.
  • Fight against corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Adhere to and comply with the main standards and good practices of transparency and responsibility according to national and international management and law.
  • Develop tools and codes in order to respect ethics and operations.

Integrated Annual Report

We commit to deepening transparency in our accountability. For that reason, for more than 10 years we decided to measure and share the work we do through our Sustainability Reports, an annual publication in which we report on economic, social performance and environmental actions of Banco Macro. In 2014 we took further steps in this commitment by presenting the first Integrated Annual Report of Argentina, with the aim of consolidating and aligning the Financial information with the Sustainability information, considering that both are inseparable and fundamental parts for the effective management of the business. This document was developed under the guidelines set forth by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

We invite you to read our reports and walk with us on the path towards sustainability and transparency. 

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