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Volunteering Program

How we choose to give back

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Volunteering Program

"Generating Change" is Banco Macro´s Volunteering program that seeks to encourage the spirit of employee solidarity through several actions. Donations are made throughout the entire country, volunteer days occur in headquarters (o main offices) and branches, and participation in social organizations and solidarity projects also ensue.


Social Commitment

More than 550 boxes delivered, reaching more than 4000 beneficiaries.

The Banco Macro ‘s employees participate throughout the year in different fundraisers that take place along Argentina. In every region where the Bank is present, there is a sponsored entity whereby everything is collected and managed annually. 

The donations are divided in categories and themes:
  • Winter Fundraiser: Donation of clothes and coats.
  • Children's Day Fundraiser: Donation of toys.
  • Family Fundraiser: Donation of nonperishable food.
  • School Fundraiser: Donation of school supplies.
Corporate Volunteer Days

Banco Macro’s employees participate by donating their time and skills in pursuit of a charitable causes. The subjects/topics of the conference are oriented for: Children,  Grandparents and/or the environment.
Thanks to the commitment of our collaborators, we are able to collect spare building parts, games, snacks, special activities for Children's Day and the Solidarity Christmas Campaign. We also prepare neighborhood meetups and participate in massive tree plantations.

  • 60 Days throughout the country.
  • 987 Assistant Volunteers.
  • 220 hours donated, benefiting more than 8.000 people.
Solidarity Projects

We seek to encourage the involvement of our employees in the community. Since 2007, we have organized an annual contest that awards financing to the best projects presented by the Bank's branches andheadquarters, together with a social organization. In 2016,  60 initiatives were awarded funds for its implementation. 

  • 146 Proposals Received.
  • 2.500 Participants.
  • $ 30.000 Delivered to each winning project.

Program Information

We bring you updates on different activities carried out by the Volunteering Program. Find all the information about the results of the specific campaigns, as well as other information so that you can join ongoing and / or future campaigns.
You are in time to Help! Join our Volunteering Program to continue helping those who need us the most. (List of docs, newsletters, flyers, etc. It is recommended to always send in a form before volunteering).