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Other Programs


In addition to the specific work axes defined by Banco Macro Foundation, we also support different local organizations that respond to nutrition, social medicine, integration issues and other major projects.

  • The main objective is to create a partnership with the community that assists with the communal kitchen kitchen, where the mothers themselves are responsible for: buying food, preparing lunch, and receiving training tools to make the project more sustainable. This project is to be supervised by a team of nutritionists that guide and accompany these women.
  • This program is active in the dining rooms and picnic areas in the provinces of Salta, Jujuy, Misiones and Tucumán.

  • WARMI Center in Puna Jujeña.
  • One of the most innovative projects, which we began to follow back in 2012, takes place in Abra, Pampa, Jujuy, with the collaboration of Warmi Civil Association, Siglo XXI University (specialized in virtual and distance education) and other organizations. This program allows young Coyas to experience trainings in their hometown with the central objective that once the children are trained, they apply their newly learned knowledge to help improve the life quality in their families and communities. The 5 students who continue studying come from indigenous
  • communities, in the departments of Santa Catalina, Yaví, Rinconada, Cochinoca, Humahuaca, Susques, Tumbaya.
  • Universidad de San Andrés, Programa Abanderados Argentinos.
  • Banco Macro Foundation supports the University of San Andrés within the Argentinian Flagbearers Program, with a contribution equivalent to six full annual scholarships.

Medicina Social - Social Health

  • The Banco Macro Foundation supports projects related to social medicine and also backs different public hospitals in provinces where a branch is present. Some of the institutions are:
    • La Asociación Civil La Casa del Niño
    • Fundación Hospital de Niños
    • TU.JU.ME
    • Fundación por Nuestros Niños
    • Fundación Ser al Fin
    • Tren Fundación Alma

  • We work with different foundations that work to promote integrations, either through sports, work workshops, art or alternative rehabilitation therapies. The ultimate goal is to collaborate with a shared goal of improving quality of life as well as enhancing psychophysical development. Some of our alliances include:
    • Fundación Cecilia Baccigalupo
    • Fundación de Equinoterapia del Azul y Fundación Puentes de Luz
    • Fundación JEUCO (Jóvenes Especiales Unidos de Concepción)

Supporting Education

  • The Banco Macro Foundation, in partnership with local organizations in each Province, sponsors children in middle school and high school. The scholarships are allocated to each student, and they receive books, school supplies, travel expenses, clothing, footwear, among other items. Each scholarship holder also has a follow-up session with an instructor who is in charge of providing support in the learning process.
    • Regarding new technologies, we continue to invest in the Program “Humahuaca escuelas en Red”, providing satellite Internet service to 56 schools in Quebrada de Humahuaca.
    • We also continue to support Fundacio Equidad, through donating and buying recycled computers for their labs.