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NAVES Program

About our program

The Naves Program

The NAVES Program, carried out jointly with IAE, consists of a process of training, support and networking. We help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into ongoing businesses as well as aid new companies strengthen their business models. It is a transformative experience that drives a local entrepreneurial ecosystem, promoting corporate leaders that enhance economic and social development. 

Since 2015, Banco Macro has been carrying out this program with the goal of advancing the federalization competition. Year after year, we add new regions to strengthen the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. More than 900 SMEs and entrepreneurs have already participated in this initiative. 

During 2017, "NAVES FEDERAL" was developed in 9 regions of Argentina: Neuquén, Mar del Plata, Córdoba, Rosario, Paraná, Salta, Jujuy, Mendoza, Tucumán and Misiones. We financed 100% of the competition.

Supporting SMEs and national enterprises.

Powering your Project

The objective of the program is to empower the projects of individuals and companies through mentorship, feedback, networking opportunities and solid training.

Participants´ Profiles

The NAVES program is aimed at entrepreneurs and representatives of SMEs that are looking to help you improve and innovate your business model and management structure. 
Projects can be presented from all sectors including industrial, service-oriented, design, technology, agro-business and social purposes.
We divide the projects into three categories: 

  • Business Ideas: individuals or teams with an idea.
  • Startups: in the first four years of business. 
  • New business projects in progress: specific projects from existing companies.

How the Program was Created

Seven modules are taught during four seminars. They are in charge of Professionals of IAE Business School. In addition to the course, all participants have access to the network of NAVES consultants (50 specialists in fields such as Marketing, Finance, Legal, Accounting and Taxes,  Operations, etc.).

  • Each project who presents their business plan gets an individual feedback round.
  • The finalists are selected and then the winners are announced by a jury of Bank authorities from Banco Macro and the IAE. Once the five winners are selected from each participating province/region, they will continue their training process at NAVES Nacional, the IAE Campus in Pilar (a province of Buenos Aires).

Prizes for the Winners

Banco Macro rewards the first place winner per province with a trip to an International Business Mission.
All participants are provided with constant support through the use of virtual tools from the IAE, in addition to the academic content provided during the program.

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Presentation of the Naves Program

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