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Glossary - Terminology and Acronyms

ANSES: National Social Security Administration.
ADS: American Depositary Share.
AFIP: Federal Public Income Administration.
Argentina: The Argentinean Republic.
Banco Macro: Refers to Banco Macro S.A and its subsidiaries.
BCRA: Argentinean Republic Central Bank.
BCBA: Buenos Aires Stock Exchange.
CNV: National Securities Commission.
IGJ: General Justice Inspection.
LEBAC: Central Bank Treasury Bills.
MAE: Open Electronic Market.
Merval: Buenos Aires Share Market.
Nasdaq: National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation.
NOBAC: Central Bank Notes.
NYSE: New York Stock Exchange.
Pesos: Argentinean Pesos.
PBI: Gross National Product (PIB).
SEC: Securities and Exchange Commission.
SEFyC: Exchange and Financial Entities Superintendency.
USD: American Dollars.
US GAAP: Accounting Principles usually accepted in the United States of America.